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my Name is Samira, I'm a 26 year-old Düsseldorf based lifestyle blogger from Germany with a huge love and passion for all the good things in life: travel, fashion, beauty, fitness and food. I live my life to the fullest and most of all, have fun!

Let me give you a brief abstract of my vita: In school, I already enjoyed studying foreign languages and today, I speak English, French and Spanish. During 11th grade, I then had the opportunity to go abroad, so I spent half a year at a host family in Seattle, Washinton, in the US and went to high school there. This experience did not only further improve my English but also created my passion for traveling. After my general qualification for university entrance I then started an apprenticeship for becoming a 'Management Assistant for Wholesale and Foreign Trade' and almost simultaneously a part-time Bachelor program in 'International Management' at a private business school called FOM in Düsseldorf, so I had to work full-time and attend classes three times a week in the evenings and at the weekend. Not because leisure time is totally overrated, but I actually like to challenge myself and take every opportunity to fulfill my dreams. Now, after having successfully finished my apprenticeship and graduaded with my Bachelor's Degree, I find myself not only hard-working as secialist for contract management and billing for key accounts at the customer administration department of a major international company but also blogging, travelling and life-loving while pursuing my dreams. My next project has just started - since last September, I have been doing another part-time program at the FOM in Düsseldorf for becoming an MBA 'Master of Business Administration'...

...and my Blog

ms.privileged is my personal blog created in 2014 with a huge love for fashion, beauty and lifestyle that gives you insights into my personal life. In the beginning, blogging had only been a hobby for me - I loved writing about the good things in life and sharing pictures with my readers and followers and of course still do. However, blogging has become even more important to me and I am continously looking for new projects and collaborations. To give you an overview, here are some brands I have recently worked with:


Hello my dears, my name is Samira and I am a 26-year-old blogger from Düsseldorf, Germany with a huge passion for all the good things in life. Welcome to my personal fashion & lifestyle blog ms.privileged that will give you insights into my personal life - enjoy!


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